Who are we?

We are a division of Purdue Christian Campus House which empowers college students to put their faith into action. We come alongside passionate students with big ideas and give them the resources and guidance to start faith-inspired, and socially-conscious initiatives. We're a little like creative consultants, and a little like a non-profit business incubator. Our hope and prayer is that we can support and equip the next world leaders to mobilize good even beyond Purdue University.

What do we do?

  • Provide a creative space for college students to brainstorm big ideas on ways they can practically serve others and show them the love of Christ.
  • Guide students towards a deeper trust and knowledge of how God can use them, with their particular gifts, to make a difference.
  • Bring an early-stage idea to a full-scale initiative by taking students through our Mobilization Process.
  • Reach out to our community by implementing projects and providing services to local organizations and strategic partners.

Why do we do this?

We are Christians and we want to live out our faith with as much integrity as possible. We believe there are many creative ways to serve the Kingdom. Sometimes a project SHARES the gospel with words, and sometimes it SHOWS the gospel with actions. Our belief motivates our action, it doesn't limit our reach.

We believe the issues facing the world are not just today's problems; we are doing our very best to provide hope for tomorrow.

How do I help?

Join our Facebook page. Tell our story to your friends. Offer your time or expertise as part of the movement we are creating. And please visit our donate page to make a gift to allow us to continue our work.

Why is it called GreyMob?

Mob: Short for "Mobilize," as in our slogan "mobilizing good"

Grey: As in "the grey area" between the church and the culture- in order to affect both simultaneously

GreyMob: a restless, enthusiastic group of Believers committed to mobilizing others into readiness for service, rooted in faith, and relevant to today's world