How GreyMob mobilized help for a little girl in Rwanda

Low-cost prosthetic legs that are tailored to the unique needs of those in developing countries.

Jeanette lives in the Bukonya region of Rwanda. When she was 2 years old, she was attacked with a machete, losing her legs from below her knees. Her disability has made life quite difficult as she fights to keep up with other children. Although Jeanette has a wheelchair, she rarely uses it because her village is on a muddy hillside.

Amanda, a Biomedical Engineering student, met Jeanette on a mission trip. She realized that Jeanette was a great candidate for prosthetic legs, but Jeanette is still growing, doesn't have access to a medical facility, and couldn't afford prosthetics even if she did. Prosthetics that are inexpensive, adjustable, and field-fit do not exist.

GreyMob came alongside Amanda and her ideas and laid out a path to a prototype, developed a brand, produced a promotional video, and did our best to provide the tools she needed to get Amaguru off the ground.

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