How GreyMob mobilized sustainable fuel research

The L. Press Project is an initiative to produce an easy to use, inexpensive method for hand-pressing briquettes from coffee farming waste to create a fuel source for the developing world.

There are places in the world where sources of fuel, even wood, for fire are scarce. Greyhouse intends to use its coffee channels in reverse to distribute the knowledge of building hand-powered presses, such as those from Engineers Without Borders, that are inexpensive and easy to use and maintain. Farmers insert leftover stalks, leaves, hulls, etc. common to coffee farming into the device’s chamber and press the waste down to form a small flammable briquette suitable for creating an ember and serving as a safe and portable fuel source for boiling water, cooking, or warmth.

The L.Press Project is an ongoing work of GreyMob, Greyhouse Coffee & Supply Co., and Purdue Christian Campus House. We are continuing to research the problem, develop the knowledge base, prototype a unique solution, and look for ways to empower others.

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