How GreyMob mobilized a coffee community

Local Livelihood promotes growing of specialty coffee as a means for families to make a sustainable living in their home locale.

Kaleb moved to Thailand after graduating college to work with a tribe in the Manipruek area of the jungle. His plan was to boost their economy through coffee farming. Kaleb chose to make Thailand his permanent home, and after several years of careful farming, the first crop of mature coffee cherries was recently ready to harvest.

GreyMob worked with a few of Kaleb's friends who started a stateside non-profit to support his work called Local Livelihood. GreyMob refined their branding, consulted on creative direction, and helped develop their website.

Kaleb's coffee community recently placed second in a national tasting competition. GreyMob has an ongoing relationship with Kaleb and Local Livelihood, and we hope to drink their first cup of coffee available in the states.

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