How GreyMob mobilized food for the hungry

Providing awareness of hunger issues locally and around the world, working with campus food services to give students a way to make a difference here at Purdue.

We hosted a conference to encourage young people to try to make a difference in the world around them. A few students were burdened that they had a leftover balance of meal swipes on their dining plans every week when there are people all over the world (and even in town) who don't have enough to eat.

GreyMob pulled together a team of graphic designers, photographers, financiers, Purdue administrators, and even chefs. We started with a lot of brainstorming, and slowly enlarged the circle to include experts in the field, including Dr. Gebisa Ejeta (recent recipient of the World Food Prize).

We designed a card-system that the University stocks in the residence hall stores. Students purchase the cards with their extra meal swipes, and the University makes a donation each time a card is purchased in lieu of food

So far Swipe Out has sold over 15,000 cards and have helped hundreds of local children on the reduced lunch program have food to eat, and have helped feed 10,000 orphans in Rwanda.

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"Swipe-Out Starvation demonstrates the vision that the Global Engineering Program at Purdue University shows with its students: helping to raise global awareness while increasing Purdue's humanitarian impact at home and abroad." - Rabi Mohtar, Purdue University

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