How GreyMob mobilized a coffee community

A ongoing marketing campaign to expose the problem of human trafficking around the world.

Heidi became familiar with a documentary highlighting the problem of human trafficking around the world. Her heart broke for those in captivity and she began to feel a burden to do something about the problem of human trafficking. She wanted others to open their eyes.

GreyMob came alongside Heidi to develop a brand and website for a marketing initiative called "Traffick Signs". The week-long campaign utilized public art displays on a college campus, showing everyday products used by Americans that are often the result of modern-day slavery. We helped build these displays, or "traffick signs", which were placed on campus for thousands to see. A social media campaign featured daily stories that addressed the issue. The week culminated with a screening of the same film that had so deeply touched Heidi. The campaign continues online and plans are being made to continue on other campuses.


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