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GreyMob services are offered FREE to our bright and creative fellows. Most of the projects we work on are Faith inspired initiatives that are not traditionaly funded by investors, which is why we need the help of others to partner with us. We are only able to take on as many projects as finances allow, and we know there is plenty of potential waiting for support.

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An explanation of expenses

On average it costs us 5k to support an initiative through implementation. We are limited to only supporting the projects that are financial viable. With your partnership we can Mobilize Good by helping people refine their passions and apply their gifts.

Below is a breakdown of those expenses.


* Your gift represents a gift to the entire mission of supporting GreyMob Fellows. Your gift is pooled together with many other generous partners to do the most good by empowering our Fellows to change the world. Since you are helping GreyMob and Campus House inspire students to express their faith in action, your gift is tax-deductible.

Ways to donate

  • Credit Card: One-Time Gifts and Recurring Gifts
    We will not pass your personal information on to anyone and will not keep credit card information on file.
  • Automatic Withdraw
    You can set up monthly donations directly from your checking or savings account.. It helps us reduce service fees.
  • Personal Check
    Please make checks payable to: "Purdue Christian Campus House" with "GreyMob" in the memo line and mail to:
    • Purdue Christian Campus House
    • 1000 W. State Street
    • West Lafayette, IN 47906
  • Sponsorship:
    If your organization is interesting in becoming a GreyMob sponsor, please contact Jason Tennenhouse at

Who runs GreyMob?

GreyMob is a division of Purdue Christian Campus House which empowers college students to put their faith into action. We come alongside passionate students with big ideas and give them the resources and guidance to start new, faith-inspired, and socially-conscious initiatives.

Why we need your support

GreyMob Fellows and their projects are "scholar-shipped" by our generous donors - meaning we provide our services to these bright and creative students free of charge. We’re a little like creative consultants, and a little like a non-profit business incubator. Our hope and prayer is that we can support and equip the next world leaders to make that happen even beyond Purdue University. For your gift to be tax-deductible, checks must be made payable to Purdue Christian Campus House.

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