Joe Price joined GreyMob first as a volunteer seeking to use his graphic design skills to serve God's kingdom.  We liked him so much we thought it was a good idea for him to join the team. Joe has a drive to create, learn and help others do the same. Joe is currently a West Lafayette based web designer, graphic designer and User Experience efficianado. He graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics technology and is currently pursuing a Masters in HCDD (UX) at Purdue. 

In addition to GreyMob, Joe Price has worked as an intern for the Navigators in Colorado Springs as a quality assurance intern and a designer. More recently, Joe worked for Purdue University in the Center for global soundscapes as a web developer.

Outside of work Joe likes to play guitar, drink tea, draw fancy letters, and grow his really full beard. He also loves woodworking, grilling out with his friends and leading Bible study.