Dave Shockey

Dave Shockey

With a background in Business Development, Start-Ups, and Hospitality Dave Shockey brings a unique mix of skills to the GreyMob team. As General Manager Dave is responsible for ensuring day to day operations run smoothly, while providing strategic leadership and marketing support for projects.


Emily Knapp is a Graphic Designer at GreyMob. She joined GreyMob staff with hopes of further developing her design skills while working to mobilize and empower students, helping to make their visions a reality.


Jason Tennenhouse helped start GreyMob, Greyhouse Coffee & Supply co., and used to be the Director of Campus House. Jason considers himself a designer and business strategist, and strives to apply those skills to make our community and the world a little bit better place.


Joe Price joined GreyMob first as a volunteer seeking to use his graphic design skills to serve God's kingdom.  We liked him so much we thought it was a good idea for him to join the team. Joe currently a West Lafayette based Web Designer and UX guru. He graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics technology and is currently persuing a Masters in HCDD (UX). 


Jess first joined GreyMob as a volunteer seeking to use her graphic design skills to serve God's kingdom. 


current fellows and volunteers

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Emily Morin

Riley Rapp

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